Appraisal Continuing Education

Online course offerings

Online Appraisal CE classes

Mingle School of Real Estate also offers the following online Appraisal CE courses:

  • Appraisal Review of Residential Properties (7 hours)
  • Green in Residences and Appraisals (7 hours)
  • Methodology and Application of Sales Comparison (7 hours)


Current Appraisal CE requirements consist of 28 total hours.  Seven of the 28 hours must be the 7-Hour National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Update course, as required by the Appraiser Qualifications Board of the Appraisal Foundation, or its equivalent. USPAP is revised every even-numbered year, and appraisers must take the even-numbered year edition of the 7-Hour National USPAP Update course by May 31 of the even-numbered year in order to renew in an even-numbered year. The remaining 21 hours of continuing education must be completed by May 31 of every odd-numbered year. 

Please note that if you are taking online continuing-education (CE) courses, you can only receive credit for a maximum of 14 online hours per two-year CE cycle.   The other 14 hours must be completed in a classroom.