Code of Ethics Requirements

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) requires all Realtor® members to complete a minimum of 2.5 hours of Code of Ethics training with two-year cycles.

The deadline for the last cycle was Dec. 31, 2018.

If you did not complete Code of Ethics training between Jan. 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2018, you must take it ASAP to avoid losing your Realtor® membership and access to CarolinaMLS (if applicable).

Check your current status (Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association members only)

CRRA members can check their Code of Ethics status by clicking on the pop-up in Matrix.

If you took a COE course at a real estate school other than the Mingle School of Real Estate within the 2017-2018 cycle, please forward your certificate of completion to the Member Services department via fax (704-940-3101) or email ( to receive credit.

The Member Services department is diligently processing incoming certificates, but due to the volume of certificates you should expect some delay before the system shows your status as complete.  You will receive an email from Member Services when your certificate has been processed.

How to fulfill the Code of Ethics requirement 

If you did not take ethics during the 2017-2018 period, any ethics class you take will count for the 2017-2018 period, not the new 2019-2020 period. You will still be required to complete the 2019-2020 Code of Ethics requirement before Dec. 31, 2020.

If you did take ethics during the 2017-2018 period, you've met the Code of Ethics deadline, which was Dec. 31, 2018. Any Code of Ethics courses taken between Jan. 1, 2019 and Dec. 31, 2020 will fulfill the 2019-2020 Code of Ethics requirement.

Realtors® can fulfill their Code of Ethics requirements in a number of ways:

If you have any questions about the COE requirement, please contact Member Services at 704-940-3110 or