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Attendance requirements

Broker Postlicensing students must attend a minimum of 90 percent (27 hours) of all scheduled classroom hours.

For each 30-hour Broker Postlicensing course, students cannot miss more than three hours of scheduled classroom hours (Commission Rule 58H. 0210 (b)). This requirement applies for course repeats as well.

Note: you must have a North Carolina provisional broker license to enroll in the Broker Postlicensing courses.

What is a postlicensing course?

North Carolina provisional brokers must complete the 90-hour postlicensing education program within three years of initial licensure in order to retain their license and remove the provisional license status.  

To remain eligible for active status, provisional brokers are required to take at least one 30-hour Broker Postlicensing course each year; however, they may, if they wish, take multiple 30-hour Broker Postlicensing courses beyond this minimum requirement during the first and/or second year.

There are three 30-hour postlicensing courses that make up the program: Broker Relationships and Responsibilities (301), Contracts and Closing (302) and Selected Topics (303).

Students are not required to take the three 30-hour courses in any particular order. 

Per Commission Rule 58H.209 the student is subject to withdrawal or denial of Broker Postlicensing education credit by the Real Estate Commission if he/she enrolls concurrently in Broker Postlicensing classes at the same or a different school that result in a provisional broker participating in Broker Postlicensing course sessions for more than 30 classroom hours in any given seven-day period.


The 30-hour postlicensing courses cost $215 each.  Members of the Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association and Carolina Multiple Listing Services, Inc. receive a $20 discount ($195 member price).


The required textbook is not included in the price.  Students are required to purchase the current version of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission Real Estate Manual, which can be purchased online or in person at the Realtor® Store. Please contact the store before purchasing your book to ensure you receive the correct edition.  You can also contact the store at 704-940-3126.  All postlicensing class students are required to have the current version of the North Carolina Real Estate Manual. There are no exceptions.