Note: you must have a North Carolina provisional broker license issued after Oct. 1, 2005 to enroll in the Broker Postlicensing courses.

Postlicensing Class Schedule

What is a postlicensing course?

North Carolina provisional brokers must complete the 90-hour postlicensing education program within three years of initial licensure in order to retain their license and remove the provisional license status.  There are three 30-hour postlicensing courses that make up the program: Broker Relationships and Responsibilities (301), Contracts and Closing (302) and Selected Topics (303).

Provisional brokers are required to take at least one 30-hour post-licensing course each year to remain on active status. All 90 hours can be taken the first year of licensure, and students are not required to take the three 30-hour courses in any particular order. 

N. C. Real Estate Commission rule 21 NCAC 58C .0302

A school shall not knowingly enroll an individual in a postlicensing course while the individual is taking another postlicensing course at the same school or a different school if such enrollment would result in the individual being in class for more than 21 classroom hours in any given seven-day period.


The 30-hour postlicensing courses cost $215 each in 2016.  Members of the Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association and Carolina Multiple Listing Services, Inc. receive a $20 discount ($195 member price).


The required textbook is not included in the price.  Students are required to purchase the 2015-2016 Real Estate Manual, which can be purchased online at the Realtor® Store. You can also contact the store at 704-940-3126.  All postlicensing class students are required to have the 2015-2016 version of the North Carolina Real Estate Manual. There are no exceptions.